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Surfing and skateboarding has always gone hand in hand and surf skate skateboards have been designed with surfers in mind. These cruising boards were created to allow the rider to surf the sidewalk. The turning dynamic of the front truck gives you a deep lean allowing the rider to carve their way along the foot path. These boards aren't for flip tricks and big jumps, but riding them around the bowl or down the foot path gives you a feeling of riding a wave.


Carver Surf Skate at Skate Connection

CARVER - surf your skate

Carver have reached the pinnacle of quality in the creation of their range of surf skate skateboards. With the introduction of the C7 and CX trucks, they've changed the game forever. The C7 trucks give a smooth and free flowing ride, while the CX is snappy and quick to respond, giving the rider a more dynamic ride. Carver is the original surf skate and was created all the way back in 1996. Their commitment to providing the best quality surf skate skateboards is unmatched.


 Surf Skate Skateboards at Skate Connection



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