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Skateboard Buying Guide

Skate Connection Buying Guide Banner

At Skate Connection we pride ourselves on finding the right board to get you rolling. Whether you’re looking for your first board or you are an experienced rider, we’re here to help you out.

Finding your perfect skateboard can be a very long and personal journey. So we’ve put together this handy buying guide to help you find the right board for you.

If you have any questions, please come and see us in store and one of our friendly staff will be happy to assist you.

You can also contact us here.

Happy skating!


If you want to hit up the local skatepark or get into some more technical skating, you’re going to need a trick skateboard. These are the type of boards you will need to master street and park tricks, from Ollie to Kickflip.

Complete skateboards come in a range of sizes, brands and prices to suit any rider. If you don’t want to build a skateboard from scratch, then grabbing a pre-assembled complete is the way to go.

Size is everything when selecting a trick skateboard. For kids or beginner riders, it’s a good idea to size up a little to allow for growing room and added stability. The sizing for trick skateboards is in inches and refers to the width of the deck.


Skaters who do more park, ramp or vert skating, tend to go for boards that are from an 8.0” - 8.75”.  the wider deck provides more stability and a more comfortable platform.

Adults looking to do more street style skating, a board between 7.5” – 8.25” is generally a good fit

If you're wanting that old skool feeling or are looking for a cruisy set up, decks between an 9.0” - 10.0” will give you those flashback feels.

Check out our range of complete skateboards here!



Perhaps you’re wanting to coast around by the beach, down to the shops or along your local bike path. Then a cruiser board is the right choice for you.

With their broad decks, large soft wheels and portable size, cruisers are the perfect choice if you’re looking to skate to work, school, uni, mates places or your local fish and chip shop. Cruisers provide stability and easy rolling, so they make perfect learner boards for kids and adults alike.

Cruiser boards are more suited for getting from A to B than for complicated tricks. However, cruiser boards that come with a kicktail enable you to still do tic-tac’s, kick turns, manuals and even ollie.

Sizing for cruiser boards refers to the length of the deck in inches. Most cruiser sizes range from anywhere between 22.0” - 38.0”. However, you can get some larger style cruisers what are 40” or larger. Finding the right sized cruiser is more flexible than with trick skateboards as you don't need to size specifically for foot size or age. 

Check out our range of complete cruisers  here!


Longboards provide the greatest stability and are suited to those who want to cruise around quickly and easily while still getting a nice carve going. Featuring long decks, broad wheelbases, reverse kingpin trucks and large soft wheels, longboards are perfect for deep carves, relaxed rides and high speeds.

Longboards have come a long way since they were developed in the 1950's. Longboards were originally designed as a way for surfers to still carve it up when the waves were too flat. The cruising and carving styles of longboard riders soon developed into downhill racing, which brought more designs of longboards onto the market. Downhill was then closely followed by freestyle, freeride and longboard dancing. And before we knew it, there was so many different designs of longboards the options were endless.

Longboards are perfect for dads and mums wanting to keep up with kids. They're also great for beginner skaters, or anyone just wanting a relaxed ride.

Shop our range of Longboards here!

Longboard Buying Guide at Skate Connection
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