The Skate Connection web site has been designed so as to provide you the information you require as quickly as possible. If at any time you are not able to easily navigate the web site or there are problems with an internal or external link then please contact the site webmaster at contact us and we will attempt to correct the problem immediately.

If you would like more information about our Products or services or if you have any questions that remain unanswered then please contact us via our web site, main number or phone our stores during normal business hours.

You can also use our social media platforms to ask questions of our followers and interact with our various departments.

Q. How much is shipping and postage?
A. We offer free standard delivery for orders of $100 or more in one transaction. A standard delivery rate of $10 will continue to apply to any orders less than $100. Please note that we deliver to Australia only.

Q. How fast will I get my delivery?
A. Pending credit card authorisation, verification and availability of stock, delivery may take up to 3 - 10 business days for metro areas. Please allow extra time for delivery if you live in a regional location.

Q. What about quality? Do you sell cheap Chinese imitations?
A. NO... as if we would. We proudly stock the best brands available in skate and are committed to providing the best quality products for our customers.

Q. What kind of warranty or guarantee do you have?
  A. We offer an exclusive 29 day warranty on any faulty equipment or gear on top of manufacturer’s warranty.

Q. Where are your stores located?
A. We have a number of stores located in South East Queensland. Click here to locate your closest store.

Q. What if you don’t have what I want in stock?
A. Just email or call and we’ll special order the part in for you at no extra charge.

Q. Can I have a test ride?
A. Sure, just come on in to any of our stores and we’ll help find your perfect ride.