Paris V3 Matte Black Trucks 180mm x 50°



Paris V3 Matte Black Trucks 180mm x 50°

The Paris V3 truck 180mm 50 degrees built to slash the streets. The staple diet of every longboarder worldwide in badass matte black. One of the more popular reverse kingpin trucks we sell at Basement skate.

Paris 180mm is a staple diet of many Aussie freeriders for the reason that Paris trucks turn. Aren't all trucks meant to turn you say? Well, Paris does it better them most trucks. You will get a real whippy turn or divey turn which is exactly what you need when going for a big stand up slide. Point and shoot some say or it's like its an extension of my feet. The Paris V3 is just as happy cruising down to your local spot to check out the surf. A very popular truck amongst surfers as it gives you the same sensation as slashing of the top of a wave. Paris also has a big range of colours if you're into that.

Paris has made some subtle but substantial changes with the V3. Disregarding all the technical talk, Paris has widened the bottom of the hanger just a little to give it more strength which has also given the bushing seat a little more space. The baseplate is now substantially lighter which has changed the balance of the truck right over the hanger instead of forwarding of the pivot.

Product Features

  • Proprietary Alloy Forming Process
  • True T6 Heat Treatment
  • Stronger, Redesigned Hanger
  • SCM440 Alloy Steel Axles 
  • Improved 90a Urethane Bushing Formula
  • Redesigned Conical Bushing Shape
  • Lighter, Reinforced Baseplate
  • Redesigned SCM435 Alloy Steel Kingpins
  • 96a Hand Poured Urethane Pivot Cups
  • Matches Ride Height of our 43° Baseplates
  • 50° Baseplate Marker Symbols
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