Envy Reaper Bar 650mm Smoke Blue



Envy Reaper Bar 650mm Smoke Blue

Envy presents the Flavio Pesenti Signature Reaper bars. These bars are made from Aluminium, making them one of the lightest bars on the market by approximately 30%. This is perfect for riders wanting to create a super light scooter.

Whilst the Envy Reaper bars are our recommended choice of Aluminium bars, we would advise riders that Aluminium is not as strong as Chromoly, so if you are prone to breaking bars we would recommend going for the stronger Chromolly bars.

The Envy Reaper bars are compatible with IHC, ICS and SCS compression, but will not work with HIC compression. They are 34.9mm external diameter, which means if running with IHC or ICS you will need an oversized clamp and if you are running SCS you will need the slit removed and an SCS compression clamp that fits oversize bars.

Product Features:

  • Aluminium
  • 650mm H x 580mm W
  • 850 grams
  • Approx. 30% lighter than steel bars
  • Pro team rider Flavio Presenti signature bar
  • Compatible compression: IHC, SCS (slit removed)
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