Moxi Petal Toe Stops Violet Forget Me Not



Moxi Petal Toe Stops Violet Forget Me Not

After finding the longest lasting material to burn downhills, Moxi decided to create these super cute Moxi Brake Pedal Toe Stops!

The stems are anodized green and shorter than standard length toe stops so they can be cranked all the way up for slamming on the brakes! These stops have no unintentional drag or slide and will stop on a dime if you're precise enough. Made from a durable, long-lasting rubber compound that won't mark up indoor rink floors and is perfect for rough, outdoor surfaces like streets and sidewalks.

The Moxi team has personally tested these stops and the Brake Petals have lasted through full seasons and promise surprise and delight when it comes to durability. Custom shaped for cuteness, occasionally rotates this toe stops so they wear down evenly.

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