Madd Gear Origin Extreme Scooter Infinite

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Madd Gear Origin Extreme Scooter Infinite

The new Madd Gear Origin Extreme scooter is the ultimate new setup for advanced riders! The Origin Extreme is light, durable, and the highest quality scooter on the market! This perfectly balanced scooter has combined high quality materials and components to produce a well balanced and confident right. Take your scooter skills to the next level with the Madd Gear Origin Extreme!


  • Deck width: 4.8"
  • Deck length: 20"
  • Fork: Standard IHC aluminum
  • Bar height: 26"
  • Bar width: 23"
  • Bar material: Aluminum
  • Wheels: 120mm
  • Clamp: Aluminum MFX X3 Cobra Clamp
  • Soft bar grips
  • Nylon bar ends
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