Gullwing Reverse Trucks 10" Aqua



Gullwing Reverse Trucks 10" Aqua

Gullwing have been in the truck making business since the mid 70s and really know there stuff. Longboarding has boomed over the last few years and Gullwing have released a classic reverse kingpin truck that is a smooth operater in the carve world. Riding these trucks is pure pleasure as you dive into a big slashy turn and feel your wheels just want to hang on all the way through the carve. Tighten them down if you want to bomb a hill and break the land speed record. A great feeling truck with a precise swing, so you can push your limits.

Product Features:

  • TYPE - Reverse Kingpin, Performance
  • APPLICATIONS - Freeride, Downhill, Carving
  • SIZE - 10” (183 mm)
  • GEOMETRY - 47 Degree
  • HOLE PATTERN: 8 Hole
  • BUSHINGS - Premium 89A Double Barrel
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