Adonis Quad Skate Wheels 4pk 50mm 98a Black


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Adonis Roller Skate Wheel 50mm 98a Black

Dimensions & Weight:

50mm x 36mm - 52g

Looking into rolling on some ADONIS skate wheels? You are already headed in the right direction to dramatically improve your skating skills and abilities. ADONIS skate wheels offer significant improvements over traditional roller skate wheels which are exclusive to our brand. The design team at ADONIS skate wheels has transferred over their knowledge and experience from the automotive racing industry to the roller skate industry. With cutting edge thinking and innovative design principles, ADONIS is bringing fresh ideas and substantial improvements never before seen into the world of roller skate wheels.

ADONIS Technology

Wheels have stayed the same for long enough. Using engineering philosophy and practices transferred over from race car design, the skaters behind ADONIS are now employing a decade of experience within the high performance car industry to offer design technology to match the times. ADONIS has taken roller skate wheels to a new level, changing the way wheels are designed.

ADONIS skate wheels are now offering designs and concepts never implemented before. What seems like a simple idea can revolutionize the way a wheel fits, rolls and wears.

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