Why I Skateboard

Posted on September 18 2015

Why I Skateboard – Paul Hakel

Paul Hakel Discusses Why Skateboarding is a Great Sport for Children, he lives in Erie Pa and has been actively skateboarding for 13 years.

If you’re a young person, why might you enjoy skateboarding? And, if you’re a parent, what positives are there if your child wants to be a skateboarder? I started skateboarding for many reasons. One was that I wanted to fly like a bird! The feeling of motion, of either being in the air or rolling down a hill is a great one. I also hated the cut-throat competition of tennis, which I had been playing. After all, who wants to beat their friends all the time? I was never a child that was very big on competitive sports. I had won both singles and doubles tennis tournaments in my Catholic diocesan tournament, but I didn’t feel happy about it. Tennis was boring and limited to the rules already agreed upon and dependent on the decisions of officials/umpires.

Skateboarding appeared more objective to me – you would either land the trick or not, there was no way you could “lose” a game just because of a bad judge. It was also rewarding in itself and not just when you “win”. Everybody could “win”, by being able to do some kind of interesting trick, at their level of ability. I also liked that skateboarding, while being physically active and a bit “dangerous”, was not a contact sport – so I was in control of the risks that I was taking. In a contact sport like football, someone could slam into me and give me a concussion. As a skateboarder who voluntarily wears padding, I’ve never had a major injury in 13 years of skating – and I’ve achieved a decent level of talent. Another thing I liked about skateboarding was that it allowed me to explore uncharted domain and to use my creativity to pursue goals myself and achieve them. This was kind of a free market entrepreneurial impulse; the only rules that existed were the laws of physics and movement. In recent years, I have learned to think of skateboarding as a form of gymnastics, and I also recalled enjoying the feeling of “flying” on a trampoline, and doing flips on there.

These are only a few of the reasons I skateboard and you should consider riding yourself or for your children!


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