[Review] Luigino Q4 Vertigo Roller Skates

Posted on September 13 2017

Review: Luigino Q4 Vertigo Roller Skates

Review: Luigino Q4 Vertigo Roller Skates by Esther Wills.

I’m a firm believer that if you find yourself needing some inspiration on your roller derby journey that is the perfect time to treat yourself to some new gear – and nothing gets you more focused and excited than new skates. There is only so much research you can do, it all comes down to how the skates feel on your feet as to which skates are perfect for you.


So as I was waiting for the sales assistant to bring me another boot from the storeroom I found myself reaching for the Luigino Q4 on the shelf and in my size in front of me. My first impression: WOW this boot fits great and my feet and ankles feel well supported! I was immediately impressed with the snug fit and the comfort. They simply felt like a comfortable shoe that I didn’t want to take off, so I didn’t and I realised that support was exactly what I was looking for. I knew this boot was made from microfibre material used at the highest level of soccer, mountain biking etc, and ATOM claim this man made material doesn’t stretch. Unlike leather which will stretch, these boots are about staying fitted to your feet. That was the gripe with my current and previous skates, both leather and both stretched. Skating recently I noticed I was losing power from my stride as the power was literally lost in a ‘loose’ boot so I was glad to find an alternative to leather. Note the soles of the Q4s are top grain leather.


Knowing the boot was hardly going to stretch it took me a couple of training sessions with some trial and error to get used to the fitted feel of this boot. I changed out the laces supplied with the skates (they’re not like normal laces and have a wax covering to help with the snug feeling of the boot) however personally they didn’t work for me. I put my normal laces in and tied them using a different technique to compliment the snug fit of the boot and now I couldn’t be happier. I haven’t moulded my Q4s to my feet yet but that’s still an option. The Luigino Q4s are supplied with heat moulding Aqua-tech bags so you simply mold them at home in boiling water which I might consider down the track.


ATOM claim the microfibre material is stronger and lighter than leather and at this early stage I am very happy with the weight of the boot. Time will tell regarding the strength of the boot however after speaking with other skaters who wear the Luigino Q4 boot and raved about the durability of the boot I am confident they will stand up to the test. For added support the boots are reinforced with a wide covering around the front of the boot and toe box. Overall I like the points of difference the Q4 offers and I love the look and functionality of the boot.


Photo credit: Richard Tompsett

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