[Interview] Jordan Clark

Posted on September 21 2017

Jordan Clark needs no introduction. The pro scooter athlete and previous dual consecutive ISA World Champion is in town for the Pro Scooter Series Finals at Pizzey Park Gold Coast this weekend. We caught up with him for a chat while Jordan repped Grit Scooters at our North Lakes store Pro Scooter Meet & Greet.

SC Hey guys, what’s up I’m Jayden from Skate Connection. I’m here today with Jordan Clarke. His come in today to do a Meet & Greet. We’ve just had a bunch of scooter kids in. How you doing man?

JC Yeah, I’m good. I’m literally having a wicked time out here and it’s pretty hot if I’m honest.

SC Yeah, it is pretty warm at the moment. How are you liking Australia?

JC I think it’s wicked. I come here like 2 years ago in 2015. I really enjoyed my experience then. I was in Melbourne and then I came to Brisbane for a week sort of like calm down, like a holiday sort of thing. And then, it was wicked. And then my impressions were even better because I’ve got to see more things out here. So, I’m liking it.

SC Excellent man. Well, what are you over here for?

JC I’m out here for the pro series final at Pizzey Skate Park on the 24th of September. It’s a big prize purse – all the pro riders are here and I am just willing to send for anything.

SC Excellent man. What are you thinking of busting out? What is your signature trick?

JC Um, my signature tricks are sort of flip variations, so I’m really good at the backflips, the 540 flares, the double flares, everything. You know, I hope I can land all them in my run and it would really put me above everyone else hopefully. So, what will be will be won’t it? You know.

SC Who do you think is your biggest competition going into this?

JC Um, I think everybody is! Jonmarco for sure; he won it last year. Dakota? Richard Zelinka has been winning a lot of things this year. Um, I don’t really know. I think everyone is my competitor, but my main competitor is myself and just getting focused for the comp.

SC Is there anything else that your are doing in your off time while you’re here? Or anything else that you are looking forward to?

JC Um, I’m really looking forward to just looking at the scenery and everything and I’m really excited to get home just because I’ve got a lot of things planned when I get home. So I just wanna like, get this over and done with, have the best time I possibly can for the week I’m here and meet as many new people as I possibly can.

SC Beautiful. Well, you’re heading up to the Sunny Coast this Friday, right?

JC Yep.

SC That’ll be an awesome time there. Real beautiful up there. Well, it’s great to have you come in man.

JC Thanks for having me. Oh yeah, by the way – Skate Connection have got my signature V2 complete so if you’re out there watching this video make sure you come get it right now cos they’re going. They are going!

Grit Jordan Clark Complete V2

Grit Jordan Clark
Signature Scooter Complete



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